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When I am on webcam adult chat, I like to chat, laugh and play with my body and toys.


Nameslave piccola
Zodiac signAquarius
Hairsshort and wild
Body typeSexy and Curvy
Sexual preferenceBisexual
CityDallas, Tx
CountryUnited States
When I am on webcam, I like to chat, laugh and play with my body and toys.

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slave piccola

Pan's Little Flower

About me

Well, hello there, all you naughty boys and girls. It's so nice to meet you! I'm slave piccola. I'm not very good at talking about myself, but my DD (DDlg) Pan (DD Pan is also my Master AND my Producer) thinks I'm super sexy and adorable... and I hope you will too. Here is a little bit about me that my DD Pan thought I should share with you.

1: I am a REAL GIRL. I am me no matter what, so why not be proud of who I am? I am a delicious combination of muscular and curvy. I do have scars and stretch marks because I am a normal human being who has lived life and I do not believe in covering up my battle scars. (P.S. My pretty, white teeth are dentures... they can be removed upon request)

2: I am DD Pan's loyal and devoted slave 24/7. Whatever pleases DD Pan pleases me. HE is my rock, my defender, my superhero and my supervillain.

3: I am VERY MUCH a Little and I am almost always in my LittleSpace. I love to color, snuggle with my paci/thumb in my mouth (this is not just a "for show" thing... I really do suck my thumb at night and use my paci in more public spaces) and watch cartoons, draw, tickle-wrestle until I tinkle, and put on a show for DD (and any friends he chooses) and play until I squirt... Yes, I squirt!

4: I am a MAJOR Masochist! Unlike a lot of the other littles out there, spanking time becomes fun time! I love to be spanked, flogged and caned... especially with DD Pan's extra mean, home-made toys. Tip a little extra and DD Pan might make a special toy to use on me for you.

Now... Let's start with the extra fun stuff, AKA the stuff I am willing to put on camera for you!!

1: I am a total freak! I love being extra dirty and letting others watch for their own pleasure. Including making exclusive videos for you freaky folks. All you have to do is ask DD Pan... if he likes the idea too, we are in business!

2: I love to be tied up. Especially when I'm put in a compromising position from which I can not escape. My DD Pan loves to put me in precarious situations and watch me squirm.

3: Floggers, belts, riding crops and paddles are some of my favorite toys, I especially love the yummy marks they leave on my body.

4: I also enjoy playing with my nipple clamps, vibrators, plugs and dildos... Alone or with DD Pan's help.

If there is something else that interests you, don't be shy... feel free to message. 


slave piccola

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